LIUNA Local 3000 is built on solidarity and respect among workers. LIUNA Local 3000 is committed to the goals of worker democracy, social justice, equality and peace.  We are dedicated to making the lives of workers and their families safe, secure and healthy.


We believe that every worker is entitled, without discrimination, to a job with decent wages and working conditions, union representation, free collective bargaining, a safe and healthy workplace, and the right to strike.


We believe that we, as members of society, are entitled to basic human rights, political freedom, quality public services, good democratic government, a safe and sustainable environment, a just and equitable society, and a peaceful world.


We believe that diversity in our society must be protected, promoted and celebrated.  We believe that every worker is an equal member of the human family, regardless of gender or gender identity, colour, creed, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation or age.  We stand for inclusiveness.  We stand against abuses of human rights in our workplaces, our communities, our country and around the world.


Your union representatives are a highly trained team of experienced labour relations specialist, legal experts, organizers and support staff.


You choose your union stewards who received extensive training and support. They are there to assist you on the front line, and they work as a team with your professional union representatives.


Legal Representatives, Workers’ Compensation consultants, Pay Equity and Human Rights Specialists are also part of our integrated team of professionals.


LiUNA Local 3000 provides Registered Staff that need professional liability coverage with Malpractice Insurance at no additional cost.

Strength in Numbers

LIUNA Local 3000 represents over 8,000 employees in healthcare, industrial and professional services. LiUNA Local 3000 represents workers in over 100 facilities and agencies across Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan in all sectors including: Long Term Care, Retirement Homes, Hospitals, Home Care, Group Homes, Women’s Shelters, Addiction Counseling, Dental professionals, food services, assembly plant, and more.



Pay only 1.4% of your gross monthly wages earnings in union dues.


Tax Deductable

Union dues are 100% tax deductible.



We work for you.


Professional Service

Our Union Stewards are backed 100% by their Representatives.

100+ YEARS

With more than 100 years of experience and over 600,000 members, LiUNA is one of Canada’s largest and most powerful unions. Our size and experience make us the right choice for you.

Just sign a card!

By signing a LiUNA Local 3000 membership/petition card, you allow LiUNA Local 3000 to apply to the Labour Relations Board to conduct a vote to determine if the employees in your workplace wish to be represented by LiUNA Local 3000. Please contact a member of the organizing committee or contact LiUNA Local 3000 directly and we will arrange to meet you at your convenience.